Messinian Villages

Koroni Messinian Villages

Mystraki is a traditional settlement, and a great place to visit for admirers of traditional Greek architecture. All buildings are builded with stone and the whole architecture of the village holds onto  tradition, fully retaining the old the spirit and style. Its name comes from the famous Mistras, the fortified town in Sparti and it means […]

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finikounda beaches

Chamaloni is located in the southwest part of Messinia, overseeing the beautiful gulf of Finikounda surrounded by three isles. The area is generally well known for its beautiful, sandy and clean beaches. Finikounda beach is well-organised, offering umbrellas and chaise longue chairs for the beach goers to relax under. Also it has many cafeterias and beach bars throughout its length, […]

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Archeological treasure

Pylos, historically also known under its Italian name Navarino, has a long history, being inhabited since Neolithic times. It was a significant kingdom in Mycenean Greece, with remains of the so-called “Palace of Nestor” excavated nearby, named after Nestor, the king of Pylos in Homer’s Iliad. In Classical times, the site was uninhabited, but became the […]

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