Yoga retreat

Yoga Retreat

Yoga and the sea

Find a place in the vast expanse and hold it to yourself…

Listen to the silence, allow the wind to caress you and the water carry you. Feel grounded by the powerful earth and the protection of the soft canopy of the heavens. Let the smell of sun-dried herbs travel through you and enjoy the present moment within. Be there, only for yourself and feel the moment.

I invite you to take a break in the picturesque nature of southern Greece. In a charming place amongst the olive groves that overlook the azure glistening sea. Here you can recharge yourself and discover the new powers you hold. Every day we will practice soft and dynamic yoga on the large Yoga terrace in the garden. After the morning practice, you have the opportunity to go swimming at many natural and unspoiled beaches, or explore the quaint villages nearby.

Alternatively, you can find a cozy little space in the garden, or enjoy the sea view from your own terrace. In the early evening, we will meet again for the evening Yoga class, which is then followed by a freshly prepared vegetarian dinner by our lovely hostess.

Yoga Retreat

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