Messinian Villages

Koroni Messinian Villages

Mystraki is a traditional settlement, and a great place to visit for admirers of traditional Greek architecture. All buildings are builded with stone and the whole architecture of the village holds onto  tradition, fully retaining the old the spirit and style. Its name comes from the famous Mistras, the fortified town in Sparti and it means the small Mystras. Mystraki is inhabited by approximately 20 people, which means there are no cafes or shops. In this village time seems to have stopped in the 19th century. A place really worth a visit.

Polilimnio is a beautiful place with natural springs, lakes and waterfalls. It offers nature trails, covered by dense vegetation, but easy enough to access to the last big waterfall of Lake Kadoula. You can dive into the icy waters and swim.

Shortly after the village of Yalova on an undemanding rural road, begins a path that leads to Kalamari Waterfall, an oasis completely invisible from the road. The landscape is transformed gradually from olive trees to reeds and after a 15 minutes walk one reaches the waterfall squid, unknown to most of visitors, nevertheless wonderful and unique.

Nearby our farm one can find Koroni (15 min), a messinian village which resembles to an island with its Venetian fortress and the church of Our Lady, which is located at the edge of the village and offers a unique panoramic view of the sea and the port.

You will also be charmed by the picturesque Methoni (15′), another messinian village that resembles to an island, with its Venetian fortress and the Monastery, which are open to the public and offer a unique view to the sea.

The amphitheatrical Pylos with its natural harbor,  has a rather rich archeological history. Except for being famous for the Navarino Battle, it was the home of King Nestor. You can visit the ancient Greek Palace and wonder around its walls or you can relax and enjoy a beverage under the huge planetree at the town’s main square. Whatever you choose to do, you will be definitely amazed.

Finally, Finikounda, the small fisherman’s messinian village with many traditional fish restaurants and the beautiful beach is ideal throughout the seasons. In summer is ideal for those who enjoy loud summer vacations, filled with lots of people. In spring and autumn it is ideal for those who enjoy more quiet holidays.