The olive harvest

olive harvest in Chamaloni Cottages

In Messinia the olive harvest, is an integral part of our lives. Interwoven with the end of autumn, this process takes time and effort, but for us it is also a feast. We celebrate and thank earth for providing us with this precious fruit of life.  Along with it’s iconic status,  the olive fruit is one of the major exported products of Messinia. The Koroneiki variety of olive oil and the wholesome and nutritious Kalamata olives are highly acclaimed worldwide.

Keeping with the yearly tradition, we are going to join forces with friends and family to harvest this year’s olives. The culture packed day starts in the morning with a rich breakfast prepared with handmade organic products from our farm. After the food settles, we will stroll to the fields to help each other by pruning the olive trees and separating the leaves from the fruit. During the day we have a break for brunch and relax under the shade of the olive trees. Finally in the late afternoon we stop and take the crop to the olive oil mill to begin the production of olive oil.

After a hard day’s work, we will relax around the family table and eat traditional and fresh home cooked food made with Evgenia’s capable hands and enjoy Lefteri’s rustic home made wine along with great company, music and songs.

To enrich your experience you can join us in the harvesting of Kalamata olives and attend our seminar on how to preserve them.

So we invite you to share the authentic experience of olive harvest with us, here in Messinia. The offer is 45 euros per person for 2-4 people. Included in the price, is the accommodation in one of our beautiful cottages, which can accommodate 1 to 4 people – the breakfast, brunch and a meal per day, all made from fresh, handmade products straight from our farm.

There is the ability to accommodate up to 6 people in our larger cottage. The price is 40 euros per person.

The offer is available for the time period between 1st December and 15th January.