Messinian Products

Traditionally-made tomato sauce for pasta

Messinian products, such as its well-known virgin olive oil, the olives kalamon named after the city of Kalamata, figs, raisins, citrus, vegetables and also silk scarves, hats and ceramics support Messinia’s economy for many years now.

Volcom kalamatiano

Silk, is for centuries an important export messinian products. Contributed to the prosperity of the city and its development and was associated with the newest history of Messinia. Throughout the 19th century. numerous silk factories operated all over the city and at the end of the 19th century only the nuns of the monastery of St. Constantine and Helen had 100 apprentices under their supervision. Today, apart from the nuns, the tradition in silk stays alive thanks to Gonou’s factory with gorgeous silk products worthy of the reputation of Kalamata.

Olives ( Brand Protection )

The famous Kalamata olives owe their distinct flavor and excellent quality not only to the excelent climatic conditions of the Messinia’s land but also in the quality control, the harvesting of the fruit by hand and the proper irrigation. They compose a staple food both in Greek and foreign market. The olives and the olive oil are the two most famous messinian products.

Olive oil of KORONI

Who can refer to Messinia without speaking about the famous Olive Oil. It is a natural product that earth gives us without enhancers and other extracts. It is produced with passion, effort and experience so as the intact nutrients, the light flavor and pharmaceutical and biological values to be totally preserved.

Messinia wines

Wine-growing, wine production and wine-drinking is widespread in the region since ancient times. Today, technology, know-how and the ideal climatic conditions of the area have resulted in the production of wines of exceptional quality.


Dried figs are one of the most famous natural delights, which are perfectly synonymous with the region. Delicious, nutritious and healthy, the dried fig is a fruit naturally dried in the sun, with absolutely no chemical additives. It is an irreplaceable source of energy for the human body because of its high content of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron and fiber.


Raisins are one of the main agricultural Messinian products, they were for years the driving force of its economy. The demand throughout the year, has led to its natural drying, under the hot sun of Messinia and after a rigorous screening process, the product is packaged with modern equipment so as to keep the aroma and the taste of fresh grapes. However, apart from the delightful taste, raisin, consumed as it is or in cakes and salads, is a rich source of trace elements, minerals and vitamins.

Aromatic plants and herbs

Taygetos is one of the richest ecosystems in Europe. A large number of endemic plants and herbs as balsam, mountain tea, oregano, dittany, melissa and others are grown there. Women and men collect them by hand and sell them in streets or in herb stores all over Messinia.

Sesame Bar

This dessert is tonic, rich in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. Combats cholesterol, exhaustion, insomnia and is considered to be an excellent aphrodisiac since the time of Herodotus! It is a traditional messinian products of the village Zevgolatio and the favorite candy of the train passengers when they were passing from the station of the small village.

Balsamic vinegar

The famous Messinian balsamic vinegar is produced from grape ( grape molasses ) and it is aged in wooden barrels like wine. It is really of great quality and taste.

Our production …

At our farm, olive oil, wine, vegetables and fruit are naturally produced. You can try the Kalamata olives we collect with care each year as well as local dishes such as pasta, trachanas, sweets, jams and rolls with olive oil, all made with natural ingredients. We do not use chemical fertilizers or other additives. That is why the taste of our products remains unchanged and pure. The same applies to milk, cheese, meat and eggs that are produced in our farm.