Traditionally-made smoked pork

tradiotional smoked pork

Traditional smoked pork, in Chamaloni Cottages.

Pasto is meat of pork that we smoke traditionally in Chamaloni Cottages  every Fabruary. The weather plays an important role. It has to be warm and sunny as the procedure takes place mostly outside.

First of all, we wash the meat and we keep it for two days in salt. Then we smoke the meat for several hours with branches of daphne, sage and other topical plants collected from our property… Next day we boil it in water, orange, wine and spices…

The third part of the process… we fry it in fresh olive oil for a few seconds just to take the water away…

And that is all! We enjoy it as it is, or cooked with traditional greek dishes. It can be kept for months in this condition, into cans covered with olive oil.

Traditional smoked pork, the way we produce it every year, is a local delicacy that you will try in every tavern or restaurant of the region of Finikounda.