The spring which gives water to the villagers, as much as to the thirsty and tired travellers, is called Chamaloni.

 The area at the top of the hill where our apartments/cottages are situated is named after the spring and is also called Chamaloni.

Our apartments are situated in 40 acres of unspoilt natural Greek countryside ideal for those who enjoy walking, being close to nature and exploring the secrets of the farm life.

At the farm we grow olive trees, grapevine, fruit trees, greens and vegetables with mild and natural methods, without fertilizers and chemicals. Our farm has a lot of animals and poultry, for eggs, milk and meat.

We still recommend to try the traditional local products, such frumenty, traditional pasta, sweets, rolls with olive oil, jams, olive oil and wine. All produced with respect for nature and attention to quality.

Chamaloni cottages is ideal for groups of alternative therapy and exercise such as tai chi, yoga, pilates, meditation etc.

At Chamaloni Cottages you will experience the best of greek nature has to offer, while you will be able to know the secrets of the traditional life at the countryside. Our farm is worth visiting and is definitely a beautiful place where you can enjoy your summer as much as your winter holiday.


  • Welcome drink
  • Board games
  • Books
  • Travel and excursions advice
  • Boat rental possibility
  • Free WI-FI
  • BBQ
  • Private Parking